The Exploration Zone

Family Escape Room Activities Dallas / Fort Worth & Burleson Area

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The escape room in The Exploration Zone is just one of many activities from which you can pick to experience when you stay with us during one of our year-round themed weekends.



Toxic Escape The Tachyon

You are the last survivors of the doomed vacation planet  Epsilon Seven, being evacuated back to Earth. Your vessel,  the scientific research ship TACHYON, is not equipped for comfort or to handle passengers. Your group is being held in a medical isolation bay when your day goes from bad to worse. Now you have forty-five minutes to save yourselves or be exposed to a toxin with no known cure. The crew is unable to assist you. The ship’s computer is malfunctioning…. and that’s when you discover, you are not alone!
The future is here. You’ve read about it. You’ve talked about it. Now Experience it. 

Are you brave enough to test your intelligence in a new and unique escape room challenge at North Texas Jellystone Park?™ The Toxic Escape tests your ability to solve a series of puzzles in order to escape.  Your group will be given 45 minutes to pool your collective brainpower to escape.  To escape, you and your teammates must overcome a series of mental obstacles to accomplish your mission.  Can you 

Check the upcoming detailed activities schedules for times of this camper-only event. $10.00 per person.