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5 Reasons a Dallas Staycation is Better than a Vacation

Finally, after months of hard work, your vacation days are coming. You look forward to the coming days of relaxing and just getting away from the hustle and bustle. You wonder where to spend those precious days, you look at nearby states or think that going to another country or continent might be worthwhile.

While looking somewhere else, you are missing an excellent vacation spot under your nose.

You don’t have to look very far to experience the best days of de-stressing. Stay local and have a good time in the great state of Texas.

You might say that a Dallas staycation is an inferior compromise to a ‘real’ vacation. Here are five reasons that will change your mind.

The Essence of a Vacation Is to Chill 

A vacation is a more of a state of mind than being in a specific place. You want to break the routine of school or your job and the stress that comes with them.

Planning an out-of-state or an out-of-the-country vacation can be a lot of work. Work is what you are trying to get away from in the first place.

You have documents to prepare such as your passport, visa, and flight ticket. You need to find a place for your dog. You have to pack clothes, medicine, and other vacation essentials.

That’s just the planning stage. During your vacation, your flight may be delayed, your hotel reservation lost, or you might run into scary tourists like college students on spring break.

A staycation lets you escape from all of that. You can still research and plan your staycation as much as you want, or you can just wing it. Spontaneity is its own adventure.

Everything Is Bigger in Texas

Texas is the second largest state in the US and Dallas is one of the fastest growing cities. If you claim that you have explored every nook and cranny of your home state, you are talking nonsense.

Becoming a tourist in your home turf has great appeal. You get to discover new places and rediscover old ones. You’ll appreciate the history, people, and stories.

You can find fun things to do that you never knew about. By visiting places near you, you also support the local economy and invest in your city.

Cut the Travel Time

Manu Ginobili logged the sitting time during the Spurs rodeo road trip in 2017. It was a staggering 25 hours for six cities. Basketball teams today have their own private airplanes and buses.

Time is your most precious commodity. You can save a lot of it if you pursue local destinations.

Short but Sweet

Speaking of time, sometimes you only have a little time to spend before going back to the grind. If you only have a few days or a weekend to spare, a Dallas staycation works great.

The best thing about it is you don’t need to ask for vacation days for a weekend romp through town.

Save Money on a Dallas Staycation

Plane tickets, accommodations, and eating meals out will drain your bank account faster than you can say Switzerland. A staycation is a cheaper way to enjoy activities and sights.

A great adventure awaits you and your family at North Texas Jellystone ParkTMMake reservations now and enjoy the perfect staycation.