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North Texas Jellystone Park™
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Five Things You Should Know Before You Go Camping

Camping can be an incredibly fun and rewarding thing to do on your days off. Not only does it allow you to escape the stresses that come from your job and daily life, but it also gives you the opportunity to be surrounded by the beauty of nature. However, a wonderful camping experience can become terrible if you are not prepared for the worst. Therefore, before coming camping in North Texas Jellystone Park™, it is important that you know what to expect and how to prepare for it.

Be Ready for Rain

One of the most important things to prepare for is rain. Rain can easily dampen the enjoyment of any camping trip. Not only can it make it difficult to make a fire, but it also makes it unpleasant to be outside in general. The last thing you want to feel when camping in North Texas Jellystone Park™ is boredom and frustration. Therefore, it is important to prepare for rainy weather by bringing things to do inside—for example, cards or board games—and by packing rain jackets and a rain cover to hang over your tent if you decide to sleep in one.

Protect Yourself from Bugs and Animals

Anyone who has spent a lot of time camping knows that it is common to be pestered by bugs and to occasionally run into wild animals. The situation is no different when camping in North Texas Jellystone Park™. You should expect to encounter lots of bugs and wild animals. However, you can easily prepare for this by bringing bug spray, long-sleeved shirts, and by ensuring that you lock up all of your food items that might attract wild animals, including deer, elk, and bears.

Prepare to be Disconnected

Anyone camping in North Texas’s wilderness should be ready to lose phone service and WIFI. It is very difficult for cell signals to reach into the forested areas of the wilderness, and the trails you will be exploring will almost certainly lack reliable WIFI. Therefore, make sure you are ready to be disconnected, by informing any important friends, family, or business relations that you will be difficult to reach while you are away camping.

Bring a Reliable Vehicle

It is essential that your vehicle is reliable. The last thing you want is to pop a tire or have your car break down. Not only will this greatly interfere with your camping experience, but it could also leave you stranded somewhere in the wilderness, far away from cell reception. Therefore, make sure that your vehicle is well-tuned, has a full tank of gas, and has a functional spare tire before you go camping in North Texas Jellystone Park™.

Pack as Light as Possible

While it is crucial that you bring certain essential items when camping in North Texas Jellystone Park™—for example, bug spray, protective clothing, and enough food to eat—it is also important that you pack as light as possible. Bringing too much stuff can not only make packing and unpacking very difficult and tiresome, but it can also diminish the overall experience of going camping, which is to step away from your daily life and experience nature on its own. If you bring too much stuff from home, you might find the experience of camping too much like being at home, when the whole point of camping is to getaway.