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Five Ways to Find the Best Wedding Venue in Your Area

So, you’re finally engaged and you’re starting to plan your wedding. There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into planning a wedding, from deciding how many guests to have and what food options you’ll serve to what centerpieces you will have. Wedding planning is a combination of both minute details and larger, more general decisions. However, the one decision that will make the most impact is your wedding venue. Your wedding venue is the foundation of your wedding; it sets the tone for your entire wedding aesthetic. Having a wedding on a beach, in a chapel, or your parent’s backyard are all very different locations – and there are many questions that accompany your venue choice! Will it be indoor or outdoor? Big or small? Fancy or rustic? To choose a wedding venue, these are some of the questions that you and your partner must answer. If, for example, you are interested in a Texan ranch wedding venue in Fort Worth, then set your sights on the beautiful venue of North Texas Jelly Stone™.

Five Ways to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue!

To know what venue will be perfect for your wedding needs, there are some questions you must answer, and there is some research you must do about wedding venues in Fort Worth!

1. Know where you’re having the wedding! Your first step to narrowing down your wedding venue choices is to decide where you want to have it! Choosing the perfect venue is difficult, especially since there are just so many locations to choose from. However, to begin your wedding venue search, you need to know where you want to get married. The mountains? In a church? On a beach? Once you have decided on your wedding venue in Fort Worth, you will have a firm base upon which to begin your true venue search.

2. Stay true to your budget! Depending on where you decide to host your wedding, just know that your catering and venue will take up about half of your wedding budget. However, how much you spend on your venue depends entirely on the location! Are you thinking about a destination wedding? A small, town hall reception? A big-city bar? Decide on a wedding venue in Fort Worth that both you and your partner love, and one that won’t eat up the entirety of your wedding budget. You still want to actually get married after all!

3. Know how many guests are attending! If you’re having a small, intimate wedding reception, then you don’t really need to rent out the largest ballroom in the city. The number of your guests should be reflected in the available space of the venue. After all, there’s a very big difference in a venue that can hold 100 guests and one that can hold 400 (the latter will surely cost much more). Once you have a firm idea of how many guests you want at your wedding, you can search for a wedding venue in Fort Worth that will accommodate everyone!

4. Have a wedding vision! You will ultimately want your wedding venue in Fort Worth to reflect your overall wedding aesthetic, so having a wedding vision will assist in your wedding venue picks!

5. Start your venue search online! Now it’s finally time to actually look for wedding venues in Fort Worth, and your best bet is to begin your search online. Many popular wedding venue locations have loads of online reviews from past wedding parties, photos of the grounds, and photos of the wedding party on the grounds and in the hall! Online reviews are trustworthy because a wedding party who had a bad experience will not be shy about warning other potential couples away. You can also narrow your wedding venue search by guest amount, availability, a specific type, and a plethora of other criteria.

Now that you know how to find the perfect venue begin your search at North Texas Jelly Stone’s™ Texan ranch wedding venue in Fort Worth! With sprawling fields filled with gorgeous nature, and with expansive windows that welcome natural light and beauty during the ceremony, you can’t go wrong with this venue! Please take a look at our Guadalajara and Armadillo Hall facilities, which are the ones on site. Coyote Creek is a separate property and should not play into this blog. This part needs to be changed.