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North Texas Jellystone Park™
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What is Staycation? Discover the Latest Trend in Sustainable Tourism

Family vacations are the perfect chance to get away from the nine to five and spend quality time together as a family. Anyone who has been on a family trip before knows it isn’t always easy to please everyone. Luckily, staycations in Dallas are a flexible and affordable option for families looking to take a break from the everyday. Staycations are becoming increasingly popular with families across the country, but what is it that makes this close-to-home vacation so appealing?

What is a Staycation?

A staycation is a holiday without rushing around the airport, searching for luggage, and navigating a foreign city. A staycation in Dallas lets you and your family explore your own state. For many staycationers, these close-to-home holidays are an adventure and opportunity to explore your own backyard. Many of us think we need to fly to another country to experience something new and we aren’t even aware of everything our own home has to offer!

Perks of a Staycation

When you and your family head out for your staycation in Dallas, you don’t have to worry about baggage limits and exchanging currency. Staycations are the fiscally friendliest holiday for those on a budget and you can adjust your vacation as you go if you find you are spending more or less than planned. With a good cooler on hand, you can further save a lot of money by packing your own food, drinks, and snacks for the road. For families, staycations are a lot simpler to plan, and caring for children while enjoying your holiday is a lot easier. Planes and young children don’t go together, and nothing is more tiring than having to care for a crying child on a multi-hour flight. With a staycation, you can bypass the plane trauma and enjoy a relaxing vacation for everyone.

Sustainable Tourism

Staycations are a great way for your family to escape the daily grind without having to hop on a plane and travel outside your state. Not only do staycations in Dallas save you money on airfare, but they also lessen your environmental footprint. While exploring new countries is an enriching experience, flying takes its toll on the environment. The rise of the staycation is a step toward sustainable tourism by reducing the number of people flying every year.

A Staycation for the Whole Family

Planning a holiday that fits with everyone’s needs and preferences can be a challenge. Fortunately for families, there are incredible opportunities for staycations in Dallas. At North Texas Jellystone™, we have something for everyone! Your family can do daily activities like meeting Yogi Bear™ & Friends; dancing at our Family DJ Dance Party; and have an adrenaline rush with our AirPlay Zone, laser tag, paintball, candy bar bingo, and fire truck rides. For a more relaxing pace, check out the petting farm, and games pavilion. Our park is the perfect place to make unforgettable memories. We have a number of accommodation options to fit your travel needs all at a great price. Contact us for more details.