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North Texas Jellystone Park™
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The Rise of the Staycation – Holiday Without Moving Locations

Staycations, or enjoying a vacation while staying close to home, are suddenly more popular than ever before. Even though we’re living through a pandemic, we still need to get away to calm our minds and give ourselves a break. Taking a holiday without going far is the perfect way to stay safe and unplug for a few days. When I look for staycations near me, there are a few things to consider.

1) Atmosphere

What are you looking for? Do you need to get out of the city and find some peace in nature? Or maybe you’re looking for something fun and exciting to do with your kids. When you are looking for a staycation near me, always consider the atmosphere that you are looking for. Make sure to keep in mind your entire family. It’s far from relaxing to book a peaceful staycation just to have the kids climbing the walls with boredom. The perfect staycation has something for everyone.

2) Location

The best staycations near me are close to home. One of the greatest parts of having a staycation is not wasting time on travel. The less time it takes to get to your final destination, the more time you have to enjoy your getaway. It also allows you to put more of your vacation budget into the destination rather than the journey.

Also, always look for staycations near me that make it feel like you really got away from your normal routines. Even though you’re staying close to home, you still want to feel as though you went somewhere different. Look for nature if you live in the city. Find some excitement if you live in the country. Either way, your staycation should be in a location that feels like a vacation.

3) Kid-Friendly

Don’t forget the kids when you’re planning your next staycation. The best staycations near me have something for everyone. Quality family time is an important part of keeping families close. Plan a staycation that you’ll love, and your kids will love too.

A great staycation near me always helps to reset our family dynamic. Sometimes during this pandemic, families start to lose patience with each other after spending so much time at home together. A kid-friendly staycation can help to re-energize the family dynamic so life at home is calmer.

4) Safe

Above all, you want a staycation near me that is safe. Make sure there is adequate space between guests and limited shared surfaces. Camping, RVing, or staying in a cabin are perfect ways to get away, yet stay safe from COVID-19.

When you’re looking for a staycation near me, always start with North Texas Jellystone Park™. You can enjoy the peace of nature and the excitement of an amusement park all in the same holiday. Nothing beats a campfire under the stars for quality family time. You can make the short drive to North Texas Jellystone™ and feel like you’re leaving the stress of city life behind. North Texas Jellystone™ ticks all the boxes for the perfect staycation. Contact North Texas Jellystone Park to know more.