Details of any operational modifications, as necessary. can be found on our Trip Planner Page.

To our valued camper family:

Our lives have quickly changed in correlation to COVID-19. Our hearts go out to all who have been affected by the conditions created. Every day, North Texas Jellystone Park™ offers retreats for families to make memories in the great outdoors. The health and safety of our community and our employees take precedence.

We will continue to follow any policy in conjunction with the Governor’s latest Executive Order.

During your stay with us, we ask that guests take precautions, as they see fit, including wearing a mask in areas with larger groups participating. You are the primary person responsible for your own preparedness during this time of COVID-19. We cannot guarantee anyone’s safety from any virus or sickness during a visit to North Texas Jellystone Park™. This means you accept this risk for yourself and those you are visiting with.

If you are sick, have medical vulnerabilities, or are considered at higher risk, please do not come. The only way to eradicate COVID-19 is by avoiding the chance of infecting others. Come at another time when you are well!

We are happy to be back as close to business as usual as possible and deeply saddened by the previous changes we had to make in our operations.

We’ll continue to share any updates and stay connected through email and social channels during these unsure times.


We have lots of fresh air and numerous outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in a safe manner, for those who wish to continue to distance.

We also have our regularly scheduled activities. Check out our activities schedule for the coming week.

All other facilities, on-site, are open and operating. Please see the hours of each area here.

Remember that the outdoors is open. Get outside, be well, and most importantly, take care of one another.