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North Texas Jellystone Park™
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Group Activities

What works better to bond a group and boost morale than sharing a wild experience together? North Texas Jellystone Park™ sure has a wild experience in store with our 120+ acres of mostly wild nature, on-site lodging, and fun activities. Whether your group’s common bond is a sport, a hobby, a career focus, a troop or a club, we provide the perfect atmosphere for group activities.

We have many accommodations that can sleep several guests (such as the Family Cabins, Homestead Cabins, and The Bunkhouse Apartment), making stays for teams and groups highly affordable. Located in Burleson, TX, just south of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, our resort is right down the road and perfect for a day trip or an extended stay!

  • Jellystone Park Team Building
  • Jellystone Park Team Building
  • Jellystone Park Team Building
  • Jellystone Park Team Building
  • Jellystone Park Team Building
  • Jellystone Park Team Building
  • Jellystone Park Team Building
  • Jellystone Park Team Building

Plan Your Group Activity Experience

Our event staff plans fun, unforgettable events for a living!

Options Available

Team Bingo
★ Players play a game of bingo, the topics could range from many common interests
Pictionary Chain
★ Players are given one index card and a pen. The first player gets a prompt then they draw a picture of the prompt on their card. The next player receives the picture card, and
must guess what the prompt was, then the guess is given to the next player and the cycle continues until the last player goes. The group then compares the initial card to the last.
Group Playlist
★ The group compiles a playlist of music, each member choosing about three songs. They symbolize a variety of interests, topics, or current affairs.
★ A group is presented with a bracket, they then must move through the bracket in a single elimination style. The bracket could be about anything, even the individual items in the
bracket can vary, giving this activity a longer play span.
Improve Challenge
★ Teams of players participate in improv games. A few players will judge, and the rest will make teams. Two teams compete at a time.
Ping Pong Ball Box Game
★ One player has a small box full of ping pong balls tied to their waist, their task then is to shake all the balls out of the box as fast as possible. Players will take turns to beat each other’s times.
Escape Rooms
★ Players will take an escape room set and solve the puzzles to escape.
Terrarium Building
★ Individuals can buy and make their own terrariums.
★ Buy a shirt and dye it in your own way.
★ Players can participate in horseshoe and cornhole tournaments.
Canvas Painting
★ Guests can purchase canvas’ and paint to their heart’s desire.
Bad Painting Class
★ Like normal canvas painting, but it’s taught in a class. Unfortunately, the teacher is a staff member, so the final piece may look a bit silly.