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A Quick Guide to Must Have Camping Gear for Your Summer Camping Trip

Nearly 1 million new campers start an exotic outdoor adventure each year. If you find yourself in that number or looking to get back outside after a long pause you need to know the must-have camping gear this year.

The basics of camping gear revolve around the basics of hazard avoidance. In general, avoiding the dangers of the outdoors is why we built the indoors to start with.

Understanding what you will need to get going shouldn’t take long, or have to break your wallet.

Consider this quick guide your launching point to a great summer adventure or new family tradition.

Must-Have Camping Gear

A comprehensive list of summer camping supplies could fill a few books, so we’ll stick to the essentials. Consider this list the bare minimum for a spontaneous weekend adventure with no frills and enough safety you won’t end up needing to eat wildlife or get choppered to safety.


The most basic campsite only requires two items: sleeping bag and a tent.

The best camping gear can often multipurpose but these items should be as much as possible built specialized to do their job adequately.

A tent needs to keep the elements out without weight too much. A sleeping bag should be warm and comfortable but take up a minimum of space.

Picking a good site will help the tent to do its job. consider looking for tent sites at approved campgrounds and learn what they build. This will help you understand how to create the same style of structures when you go further afield.


Food and water usually take up the bulk of space when you put together gear for an adventure. Water avoids problems with heat stroke and dehydration, so carry enough for about 1.5 of your intended stay.

A lot of great camping gadgets exist on the market that offers portable water purification or treatment. Consider these as good backups but try to plan for a water source rather than go straight to emergency ideas.

Food can be dealt with by going all ready to eat supplies. These are meals and snacks that require no preparation. Otherwise, a camping stove is recommended to avoid concerns about open fire cooking.

The best summer camping supplies include a bit of both. This gives you options to leave camp for a while to hike and explore. Then return to a nice social camping environment in the evening.

Personal Safety

The final category of must-have camping gadgets involves personal safety and comfort. Good footwear that breathes well and remains comfortable over time is a must. Clothing should protect from the elements while also allowing your skin to breath.

Consider small first aid kits with essentials for nicks and scrapes. Also, prepare for emergency issues with dehydration or overheating.

Finally, some communications devices to keep in touch with others in your party or to reach for help in an emergency round out the list.

Back To Nature

Of course, getting out into nature with your must-have camping gear is only step one. Once you have established how to avoid danger and enjoy the time outdoors, you might as well find some activities to go along with.

We have a robust list of activities just outside the campgrounds which can provide as little, or as much, excitement as you need.