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North Texas Jellystone Park™
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Archery Tag®


Announcing our latest family fun activity, Archery Tag®. “What is Archery Tag®?” You may ask. Archery Tag® is an intense mix of dodge ball, paintball, and archery.

North Texas Jellystone Park™ is again at the forefront of the latest fun and exciting things for guests to enjoy during their stay. This latest addition is no exception. A brand-new form of extreme sport has recently been sweeping the nation, and you likely have never experienced anything quite like it.

  • Archery Tag® is FREE to campers and included in your guest activity wristband. Please see the Activities Schedule for times when Archery Tag® is available.
  • Sign-up for Archery Tag® is located at the Activities Shack.
  • Archery Tag® is recommended for ages 6 and older. Individuals who can adequately/safely operate the equipment will be allowed to play.
  • Each session is 20 minutes. The first part of the session is devoted to rules and test firing equipment so participants can gauge their range and accuracy.

How to Play

Players on two teams fire non-lethal foam-tipped arrows to either score points or eliminate their “enemy” for the round. Play is super fun and fast-paced. There is no time to stand around. Hitting your targets and avoiding being hit, yourself, takes a measure of skill and agility; keep moving, or you will not be in the game very long!

The most basic gameplay works very much like dodgeball. Two teams rush to retrieve bows and arrows from a specific point on the field, then open fire on another from a designated safe distance. Getting hit means you go sit out until the next round. You can only carry a limited number of arrows, but once you fire them, if you’re quick enough, you can retrieve any fired arrows from the ground to use, much the same way which you can retrieve balls in dodgeball. When only one player is remaining in play, that player’s team claims a victory point for the round. Whichever team has the highest score at the end of a set number of rounds wins!

Just to make things more fun, we will also design some of our Archery Tag® games to go along with the week’s activities theme. Refer to the week’s activities schedule for any special games.

Does It Hurt?

While you might be concerned about how much pain might come with getting shot with one of these foam-tipped arrows, you need not worry about it at all. The Impact from the arrows is on-par with being hit with a “certain brand” of foam football, though with greater velocity. You are perfectly safe taking hits from these projectiles. Your face is also protected during play by a metal mesh facemask/head protector. It protects the head area but is designed in such a way as to not hinder your breathing or to be uncomfortable during hotter weather. The bows themselves have an incredibly low pull weight of twenty pounds, and therefore the speed at which the arrows are launched stays within safe parameters. Safety is fully factored into this gear, to allow you to focus on playing and having fun!

Archery Tag® is ideal for group events such as team building, archery birthday parties, and private parties. Competitive gameplay in an outdoor setting is lots of fun for everyone. Get the family together and sign up for a game on your next getaway to North Texas Jellystone™