Family Arts & Crafts

During Covid-19 Restrictions, we will have To-Go crafts available during scheduled times. Please remember to keep the social distancing requirements in mind to prevent suspension of this activity. Please reference the activities schedule for available times. 

Our Art Zone Craft area, at The Bear’s Den, provides a time for kids of all ages (including mom and dad!) to express their creative sides. We have a varied selection of arts and crafts, including ceramics, tie-dye, and Colortime! It’s a great way to get a souvenir to from your trip to North Texas JellystoneTM

We also plan art projects that go along with our themed weeks like Christmas Crafts with a Bear, Pirate crafts, Magic Pumpkin painting, Chocolate Finger painting, Magic Easter crafts, and Coloring with a Bear, to name a few. Themed crafts are announced on our detailed Activity Schedules. Many of our themed crafts are included in your activity band; for those that are not, a nominal fee is charged.

Art Zone a la carte craft prices range from $5.00 up to $15.00 each.


North Texas Jellystone Art Zone