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Camping Gear: Some Essential Information

Camping can be a lot of fun; however, knowing what to bring can be difficult at times. Is it okay if I bring my cat? Is there going to be any refrigeration where I’m going? Is a fishing rod needed? When planning a camping vacation, these are all excellent questions to ask.

The First Step

You must first select what type of camping you are doing and where you are going before packing anything. If you’re tent camping, you’ll need things like a cooler and portable cooktop; but if you have an RV, you may have a fridge. If you’re going camping somewhere where there’s a lake, you might want to pack a swimsuit and fishing gear (if swimming/fishing is allowed on that site). Once you’ve decided where you’re camping and what activities you will be doing, you can pack accordingly.


Tenting isn’t for everybody. If you search camping site near me, you’ll come across the amazing cabin rentals at North Texas Jellystone Park™. A lot of the camping essentials, like linens and personal care items, are already included in North Texas Jellystone Park™ cabins. All you have to do is check out the amenities list beside each cabin description to know what is included. There is also a “download a checklist” link, so with a single click, you know exactly what essentials to bring.


If you enjoy backcountry camping or just camping in a tent in general, you’re going to need a checklist. This is why North Texas Jellystone Park™ also provides a one-click checklist of what to bring to their tenting sites.

What if you are looking for a more rugged experience than what North Texas Jellystone Park™ has to offer and you are headed out to the backcountry? It’s kind of tricky because you always want to be prepared for everything, but there’s also a limited number of things that you can carry, especially if you’re going to be doing things like hiking. So, start with the basics and then add on what you need based on the location and length of time you’ll be away.Camping site near me

Some basic camping necessities when tenting include:

●  sleeping bags

●  pillows

●  flashlights or headlamps (and extra batteries)

●  camping chairs

●  table (if no picnic table)

●  lantern (and extra batteries)

●  a cooler

●  firewood

●  stove and fuel (matches/light/fire starter)

●  cooking utensils

●  eating utensils

●  bottle opener/can opener/corkscrew

●  camp sink or wash bins

●  biodegradable soap

Of course, you can tweak this list according to your needs and what kind of activities you’ll be doing.


Camping in a cabin or tent is a great way to get away and truly relax. We make bringing all the essentials easy when you camp at North Texas Jellystone Park™. Simply check our lists of what is included and download our lists of what to bring. Regardless, never fail to bring a smile and a camera to capture all those special moments you will have.

Anytime you are looking for “camping sites near me,” check out the North Texas Jellystone Park™. For more information, click here.