Candy Bar Bingo

Who doesn’t like candy? We have a whole game centered around our appreciation of all things sweet and all bars chocolatey: Candy Bar Bingo!

Here’s how it works:

You show up at Bear’s Den and purchase a candy bar at the Activities Desk. You don’t get that sweet goodness yet though! You next exchange your candy for a bingo card: your ticket to winning something back.

That’s when the game begins. You play numerous rounds of Candy Bar Bingo (there are many variations and twists) to win different amounts throughout the game. As the energetic music plays, our enthusiastic game leaders build up the suspense and congratulate the winners at each round. The winners are loaded down with candy and chocolate bars by the end!

The rounds continue until all of the candy is gone with a finale of black out. Sometimes Yogi Bear™ or one of the other bears ventures in from roaming North Texas Jellystone Park™ to see what all the excitement is about.

Get there early! Many times it’s standing room only.