“New” Family RV Rental


Introducing Family RV Rental new at North Texas Jellystone,™ where you can experience the fun of recreational vehicle camping.  


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go camping in an RV? Maybe, you’re considering purchasing an RV and would like to experience it to learn more before taking the purchase plunge. Therefore, it’s a great idea to try out one of our Family RV Rentals to give you a better idea of what RV camping is really like.

Tent camping in the Texas summer heat, or colder winter months, can be quite uncomfortable. Or, perhaps you would like a true camping encounter without the pain of putting up and taking down a tent. In other words, a Family RV Rental will give you the ability to control the temperature extremes at the touch of a thermostat.

Cabin camping can be expensive and maybe that option is outside your budget limit. You still want to experience all the activities and amenities North Texas Jellystone™ has to offer without breaking the bank. The Family RV Rentals are a great option to keep from breaking the bank while still enjoying a great family getaway.

If you want to have a quick getaway for the weekend and just don’t want to deal with the trouble of getting your own rig out of storage, or possibly your RV is stored away for the off-season, our Family RV Rentals are the perfect answer to a stress-free escape. Our Family RV Rentals are available year-round.

Whatever your reason to RV camp, North Texas Jellystone™ has you covered. We have added twelve brand new Family RV Rental units to our extensive list of lodging rental options. These units are loaded with features that will help make your RV experience a memorable one. Our Family RV Rental units have a spacious living area and a deep slide-out with plenty of room to relax. The great views of the outdoors provided by the oversized picture windows will keep you from feeling cramped or closed in with the family.

Effective March 4, 2022, the resort fee is  $17.50 per person/per day, to a maximum of 3 days, or $52.50 per person.


If you would like to prep your own meals while you stay, each unit has a double sink, stove, microwave, and refrigerator. Be sure to bring your own pots, pans, cooking utensils, dishes, and flatware, as those are not provided.

Each unit has a built-in entertainment center and a large seating area around the kitchen table for the family to sit and play a board game or eat a meal together.

These 30-foot RVs include a queen bed in the master bedroom, four bunk beds in the second bedroom, and convertible sleeping areas in the living area, there is plenty of room to comfortably accommodate your family, depending on how many adults and children are staying.

Come experience the latest addition to our camping experience choices.

Things to Bring: This unit does NOT include a grill. Bring all kitchen supplies/utensils.




Family RV Rental Floor Plan

If there appears to be no online availability, please double-check with us by calling (817)-426-5037.   

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  • RV Rental Outside
  • Family RV Rental Exterior
  • Family RV Rental master bedroom
  • Family RV Rental Bunk Room
  • Family RV Rental Toward Master Bedroom
  • Family RV Rental Living Room
  • Family RV Rental Bathroom
  • Family RV Rental Kitchen
  • Family RV Rental living room
  • Family RV Rental kitchen
  • Family RV Rental kitchen