Laser Tag

Hero Blast™ Laser Tag


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… the Hero Blast! That’s right: our newest laser tag is here and ready to transform you into a superhero. The Hero Blast is the new king of our arsenal. With a range of 500 feet outdoors, you can have super-powered battles that rival any superhero.

Hero Blast is suited for our younger guests, but guests of all ages can play. Hero Blast is recommended for guests ages 5 & up. Players must be able to hold the gauntlet, un-aided to participate. We recommend wearing closed-toe shoes to play.

Hero Blast is a fun family-friendly version of laser tag for all ages. No sign-up is required. Each round is five minutes. Easy to learn and quick to reset.  8 guests can play at one time.

Head over to the Activity Shack and get a game going. Check the activities schedule to view available times to play during your stay.



Battle Company™ Laser Tag

In a world where two teams compete in a combat arena for points and supremacy, will you be victorious? You are invited to enlist the aid of friends and family to battle others in a game of laser tag like no other.

Battle Company Laser Tag at North Texas Jellystone Park™ is an outdoor high-tech combination of Tag and Hide-n-Seek, and it’s sure to get your blood pumping. This is a live-action video game experience. Our new laser tag area is set up in a maze configuration, so there’s a surprise around every corner. Watch out, you never know if a “frenemy” is waiting to tag you out.

The weapons are multifunctional and have tons of customizable gameplay modes. This is basically like real-life Call of Duty.™ You & your friends can enjoy the real-life battle simulation as you maneuver through our field of obstacles and try to out-think and outscore your opponents! Games can be arranged as individuals or grab your friends and divide up into teams. Bet ya can’t play just once.

Sign up for an exciting game! Point and shoot at your opponent to score! Even though you can’t see the lasers, your gun will make sounds when you are hit, and the gun tracks how many times you get hit. Do you have what it takes to defeat your enemies, or will they steal the victory?

The Battle Company Laser Tag Field is located next to the lost maze. Check the upcoming themed activities schedule for Battle Company Laser Tag hours during your stay.

We recommend you wear closed-toe shoes to play. Players must be 48″ tall to play.