We are working to enhance our nature trails experience with informational signs along the paths. Campers will soon be able to use CampersApp to learn more about the wildlife and plants in our park by scanning those image signs.

Soon, you will see signs along the trail with animal and plant images on them. Using CampersApp, you will be able to scan the images to see facts about the plants and animals and hear the sounds the animals make.

Check back for the instructions, coming soon

Enjoy Our Nature Trails

Get out of your RV, Cabin, or tent site and take a hike on our nature trails at North Texas Jellystone Park.™  We have been working hard on enhancing our trails for our campers to enjoy  Three trails are available featuring heavily wooded areas with both shaded and sunny areas for campers to experience. Trailheads are easy to find. Campers will find the trailheads indicated on our park map.

Part of the trails takes campers along Miller Creek, which runs through the park.  Be very quiet as you approach the creek. You might spy a resident beaver busy at work. There are numerous kinds of wildlife scampering about in the woods along the trail. Keep your eyes open to possibly a critter in their natural habitat.

Some areas of the trails are steep and may be physically demanding. Be sure to wear your appropriate hiking shoes before entering the trails.

Coming Soon: