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North Texas Jellystone Park™
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AirPlay Zone

New Air Play Zone

COVID-19 Information

Please see the activities schedule for available times.  

Our “new” AirPlay Zone is ready for action and another fun option for family outdoor physical activity. Just in time for the spring camping season, guests can bounce their way to a whole bunch of family fun.  It is included in your lodging at North Texas Jellystone™ You can bounce to your heart’s content, but does require you wear your guest wristband. Each flat pad is approximately 30′ x 70′ and provides kids of all ages with a way to have fun. Who else is ready for a bouncing good time? 

Bouncing…It might be a simple activity, but on our giant pads, it’s so much fun! Kids stay happy and entertained while bouncing on a colorful, inflatable surface. And it’s good exercise too, but is a safe and fun alternative for the little ones! Safer than trampolines, the AirPlay Zone is a giant pillow-shaped inflatable pad that several children can enjoy at the same time.

The AirPlay Zone is located out by the Activity Shack. Hours are weather-dependent and are published on the weekly Activities Schedule.


For your safety, our list of rules is below.

  1. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult while at the AirPlay Zone.
  2. DO NOT use AirPlay Pad unless the attendant is on duty!
  3. Children ages 8 & Under must play on their designated AirPlayPad 
  4. Children ages 9 & Older must play on their designated AirPlay Pad
  5. Guests from each separate age group may not bounce together on the same AirPlay Pad
  6. No shoes permitted
  7. No tumbling, flipping, wrestling, chasing, pushing, piling on others, or rough play.
  8. Remove all sharp and pointed objects, jewelry, and eyeglasses before entering.
  9. No food, gum, drinks, pets, or sprays on AirPlay Pad.
  10. Do not enter the AirPlay Zone if you are pregnant or have any physical problems.
  11. AirPlay Zone will not be operated when wet, or during wet weather.
  12. If weather conditions get bad, or if the AirPlay Pad begins to deflate, stop playing, remain calm, and carefully exit the AirPlay Pad/Zone.
  13. Follow attendant/operator instructions at all times.
  14. People not following the safety rules will be asked to exit the AirPlay Zone.
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