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North Texas Jellystone Park™
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Pet Friendly Policy

Pet-Friendly Policies and Conditions for Pets Staying at

North Texas Jellystone Park™, (Camp-Resort)

  1. Lodging Rentals.
    • We place our guests arriving with pets in our pet-friendly accommodations at a nightly fee of $25.00 per night/pet.
    • Guests who bring pets into non-pet-friendly cabins will be charged a $250 cleaning fee.
    • These accommodations are in high demand, so be sure to acquire pre-approval through the Reservation Office, prior to arrival.
    • No pets over 25 lbs, without prior Manager approval. For approval, please email us at
    • All guests with pets staying in pet-friendly accommodations must place their pet in a pet crate in the room when the guest is out of the room.
    • Guests will be charged for any damages or additional costs caused by their pets.
  2. Excluded Areas. Pets are not permitted in the following areas including, but not limited to:
    • Food and beverage areas
    • The pools and pool decks
    • The arcade
    • Indoor facilities throughout the Camp-Resort
    • Playgrounds, or pavilions
    • Due to animal safety concerns, we do not permit tent campers to bring pets into the Camp-Resort.
  3. Excluded Pets. North Texas Jellystone Park™has the sole discretion to exclude pets. The basis for exclusion may include, but is not limited to the following: 
    • Due to their young age are exempt from state or local law vaccination requirements; 
    • Are sick; 
    • Are in heat; 
    • Are aggressive, vicious, dangerous, or potentially dangerous; 
    • Require muzzling; or 
    • Are easily frightened or sensitive, resulting in disruptive behavior (such as fighting or biting) in response to a stimulus.
  4. Supervision.
    • Pets must be on a maximum 6-ft leash. 
    • Pets must be with a designated individual at all times, and may not leave the pet unattended in the cabin, or at the campsite.
    • Pets must not be left outside, tied up, or chained.
    • The Camp-Resort does not allow pet fences/pens.
    • Owners must prevent noise or any other disturbance by their pet, in the interest of other guests in The Camp-Resort.
    • RV campers must keep pets in their RV overnight and pets cannot be left unattended.
  5. Vaccinations.
    • Pets must be up to date on all vaccinations (including rabies and distemper) and flea treatments. 
  6. Disturbances.
    • Should a pet create any disturbances which cause complaints to be made to the management by other guests or employees of the Camp-Resort, at the request of a Camp-Resort employee, the owner of the pet must make arrangements to house the pet elsewhere outside the Camp-Resort.
    • Additionally, if alternative housing for the pet cannot be made, our guest and the pet will be asked to leave the Camp-Resort and will not be issued a refund. 
  7. Assumption of Risk and Release.
    • Permission to have a pet at the Camp-Resort is a privilege and not a contractual right.
    • Such permission is expressly conditional upon adherence to the terms of these rules and other rules in effect at any given time.
    • The Camp-Resort may revoke such permission at any time for any reason.
    • Pet Owner assumes all responsibility for risks, injury, damage, or other harm that may occur while their pet is at the Camp-Resort, or caused by their pet.  
  8. Disabilities. Some of these rules do not apply to service dogs helping a person with a disability.


Remember, we don’t want to bark at you, and Yogi Bear™ would find it “un-bear-able. ” So, kindly follow our policies for a fun time for all guests and their pets. 

For more information on our pet-friendly policy, email us at