Family Dance Party

Covid-19 Modifications

“Rolling” DJ Family Dance Party

We have Live Family DJ Dance Parties available for our guests each week.  The DJ Family Dance Party has gone mobile! The Dance Party is coming to you. Our DJ will be on our “Hey, Hey, Hey” wagon bringing the dancing tunes through the park. You may follow along on your golf cart or bikes to enjoy the music the entire time but please be mindful of social distancing and mask requirements. Please refer to the Dance Party route on the Park map page, OR under the local tab at the top of the activities page inside CampersApp. 

NOTE: We will be observing the 6-foot distancing and mask requirements during these events. Please see the times on the activities schedule


The Backstreet Patio, located out behind the Bear’s Den, is a new way to experience the kind of wholesome family time under the stars that can only be experienced at North Texas Jellystone Park™ – “No Batteries Required”! Put on your dance shoes. Get Mom, Dad, the grandparents, and all the kids out on the dance floor for some fun!  Dance the night away with a family dance party

Camping at North Texas Jellystone Park TM is all about unplugging and getting the family together for making memories. Our Backstreet Patio is the perfect place to gather the whole family for an evening of fun after a full day of exciting activities.  The Backstreet Patio is an outdoor venue where families gather for some time under the stars. Bring your s’mores over after dinner, cook them on our huge bonfire, and have your dessert while enjoying the music. Families can also enjoy a variety of games to play while hanging out with the whole family

This is a great place to “Hang Up and Hang Out” with the family and create some lifetime memories. Where else can you park your buns on the many bales of hay scattered around for seating? Here, you can experience the great outdoors like never before.

Check the activities schedule for times, each week.

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