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North Texas Jellystone Park™
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The Benefits of Getting Outside

After you read this list of the benefits of the great outdoors you’ll be searching for a “camping site near me!” However, there is no need to go on Google. North Texas Jellystone Park™ lets you camp or glamp in style. Whether you want to rough it under the stars or enjoy a more upscale experience in a beautiful cabin, at North Texas Jellystone Park™ you’ll get the benefits of the nature either way. Let’s dive in and see what you can expect.

Lowered Blood Pressure

According to the Center for Environment, Health and Field Sciences, just 30 minutes out in nature can lower your blood pressure. This is great news, because high blood pressure can lead to atherosclerosis, weaken your blood vessels and cause a stroke, among many other issues. Getting 30 minutes in is easy at North Texas Jellystone Park™. Not only is our location ensconced in nature, our trails, catch-and-release pond and camping sites make the natural world convenient to enjoy.

Better Air Quality

Even before COVID, air quality in urban areas was on the decline. Increased virus transmission along with smog that triggered allergies and asthma is a growing concern. One remedy is to spend more time in the great outdoors. At North Texas Jellystone Park™, breathe freely under the big blue sky. Smell the flowers and trees. Let nature heal you.camping site near me

Increased Mental Health

Sending time in nature decreases the body’s level of cortisol, which is the stress hormone. High levels of cortisol bring on the dreaded “fight or flight” response. While this is handy if you do need to fight or run, feeling like this when you are in a safe space damages your nervous system and mental health. Doctors prescribe outdoor exercise, like walking, along with other measures to help combat stress and anxiety. Be proactive about your mental health by camping at North Texas Jellystone Park™.

Improve Relationships

This is a lesser known, yet very powerful benefit of time in the great outdoors. Social interaction is important for our physical and mental health – isolation and loneliness can be as bad as some diseases. However, the quality of those interactions matters too. Shouting to be heard at a noisy club or being unable to interact with all the guests when dining with other families in restaurant can be more stressful than healing. However, when everyone is around the campfire, enjoying a picnic or strolling on a nature trail, there is plenty of time for meaningful interactions.

Get Outside at North Texas Jellystone Park™ where A “Camping Site Near Me” is Waiting for You

Whether you like to camp in a tent, have the comforts of an RV or glamp in a cabin, you can enjoy the great outdoors your way at North Texas Jellystone Park™.