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North Texas Jellystone Park™
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The Rise of the Staycation: Holiday Without Moving Locations

For those who are used to jetting off to the tropics every year, you are likely feeling a little bummed out about travel restrictions. While it can be tough having to miss out on travel, staying safe has never been more important and the good news is, there are plenty of opportunities for a great staycation in Fort Worth! Staycations have grown in popularity, and for good reason. There are a number of perks to vacationing close to home.


Have you ever flown with young children? For most parents, this is one experience they are not eager to go through again. With a staycation in Fort Worth, you can skip the dreaded flight and enjoy a relaxing drive to your location. Depending on where you plan to visit, staycations provide your family with the convenience of remaining close to home in case of an emergency. It is also significantly easier to track down a familiar store to pick up any essentials you may have forgotten at home. Not to mention the only baggage limit is the room in your vehicle! For families, staycations are an ideal family holiday as they let you escape the everyday routine while remaining close to home for convenience.

Cutting Down Costs

It goes without saying a staycation in Fort Worth is going to run less of a tab than an international or cross-country trip. No plane tickets, no luggage fees, and, for those driving, there is no need to plan for a taxi budget. With a staycation, you are able to plan and pack almost everything you and your family are going to need, making it a lot easier to budget and plan accordingly.

Freedom to Go Where You Please

One of the best parts of a staycation? You get to do what you want when you want! Compared to a fly away trip, your schedule is going to be a lot more flexible and you won’t experience the rush that comes with squeezing in everything on the itinerary before it is time to pack up and go. If you come across an interesting place or event during your trip, there is nothing stopping you from exploring. A staycation in Fort Worth gives you the option of either planning ahead or going with the flow. And for those traveling with children, having some wiggle room to adjust plans and schedules is never a bad thing.

The Ultimate Staycation in Fort Worth

Ready to plan your next staycation in Fort Worth? Staycations can be incredible experiences that will create lasting memories for families. You may even start a new family tradition! For the best staycation in Texas, look no further than North Texas Jellystone Park™. We have everything your family needs to have a blast on your staycation. From waterslides to paintball courses, our park has something for everyone and there is no shortage of adventure to discover. We have the best holiday offers around to bring you the greatest staycation in Fort Worth at an affordable price.