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North Texas Jellystone Park™
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Family Steampunk Weekend

Steam Powered Weekend

Step into the enchanting world of a family steampunk weekend at North Texas Jellystone Park.™ This weekend promises a fantastical escape into the extraordinary, where each activity is a portal to a steampunk-inspired realm of fun and fascination. Secure your spot now and prepare to be enchanted by the charm of Cowboys and Gears, Victorian Glamour, and Steam-Powered Marvels! Where every moment offers a chance to revel in the magic of steampunk adventures and create lasting memories with kindred spirits.

Discover a plethora of hands-on activities that promise both entertainment and inspiration:

  • Rangers Badge: Unleash your inner artisan as you embark on the creation of your personalized Steampunk Rangers Badge. Dive into a world of gears and intricate details, expressing your unique steampunk style through this imaginative crafting experience.
  • Balloon Airship: Engage in the art of steampunk aviation by crafting your very own balloon airship. Picture your creation soaring through the skies, a testament to your inventiveness and the fantastical nature of the steampunk universe.
  • Jewelry: Channel your creativity into crafting distinctive steampunk jewelry. Experiment with gears, cogs, and vintage elements to produce one-of-a-kind accessories that capture the essence of the steampunk aesthetic.
  • Participate in Tea Dueling: Experience the elegance and humor of tea dueling, a steampunk tradition that merges strategy and grace. Engage in friendly competition while embracing the refined charm of Victorian tea culture.
  • Cardboard Steampunk Goggles: Immerse yourself in steampunk fashion by fashioning your steampunk goggles. Let your imagination run wild as you decorate and customize goggles that perfectly complement your steampunk ensemble.
  • Costume Contest: Showcase your steampunk ingenuity in our costume contest! Strut your stuff and revel in the spotlight as you compete for the title of Steampunk Fashion Royalty, celebrating the diversity and creativity of steampunk enthusiasts.

Regularly scheduled activities at our family-friendly resort include:

  • Archery Tag® – Announcing our latest family fun activity, Archery Tag®. “What is Archery Tag®?” You may ask. Archery Tag® is an intense mix of dodgeball, paintball, and archery.
  • Fire Truck Rides – Explore the Park from atop a real honest-to-goodness fire truck.
  • “Hey, Hey, Hey Rides” -Guests of all ages enjoy this adventurous ride through our resort! The ride goes along with the theme of the week.
  • Arts & Crafts – Make your own souvenir, paint a ceramic, get a glitter tattoo, or, make a tie-dye shirt, just to name a few options.
  • Family Dance Party – A new way to experience the kind of wholesome family time under the stars that can only be experienced here.
  • Laser tag – An excellent test of skill and loads of outdoor fun.
  • “Bear-Roll” Train Rides – A huge hit with our little campers, plus a bear will meet you there to give a big send-off.


  • Please refer to the detailed activities schedule when published. 
  • See all of the Fun Options available during your getaway.
  • Here’s a look at the activities included in your stay
  • For details contact the Activities Department

Pirates cove

Pirates’ Cove Water Park is now closed for the 2024 Season

Pirates’ Cove Game Zone and Grill are still open in the off-peak season.


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