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What are the Best RV Travel Hacks?

RV hacks are fun and useful tricks that make any RV vacation easier and more enjoyable. Here are six handy RV hacks to make anyone’s trip to their next pick from the “RV campsites near me” list even better.

Interior Hacks

There are many different ways to hack interior storage in an RV. Keep an eye out for things that can be reused around the house. Searching online for “RV campsites near me” + RV storage hacks is also a great way to find inspiration. Here are some interior RV hacks to start with:

1)  Pressure rods

Inexpensive pressure rods can be used as shower curtain rods, hanging storage holders and makeshift room dividers. They can also be used to keep items like spices, shampoo bottles and condiment bottles in place while on the road.

2)  Hanging shoe storage pockets

These common storage accessories can be used to keep toiletries handy in the shower or even organize pantry items. Hang one on a pressure rod anywhere that storage for small items is needed. They can even hang outside to keep toys, games or campfire tools handy.RV campsites near me

Cooking Hacks

Searching online for “RV campsites near me” allows anyone to see the amenities of available campgrounds. Make sure the chosen campsite has a firepit preferably with a grill grate for the most enjoyable cooking experience. Nothing beats a meal cooked over an open fire.

3)  Premix dry ingredients

Mix together dry ingredients for recipes like pancakes, biscuits, and cornbread before the trip to make cooking simpler. Pack a cast iron skillet to make cooking these recipes over the fire even easier.

4)  Transport raw eggs in a clean creamer container or water bottle

Crack raw eggs into an empty and clean creamer container or water bottle. Simply shake them up to blend and measure out 1/4 cup of raw egg for each large egg you need. Make sure the eggs are refrigerated until use.

Searching online for “RV campsites near me” that include a power hookup makes refrigeration a breeze. Otherwise, make sure any cooler used has ample ice for the duration of the trip.

Boredom Busters

Kids might say, “I love RV campsites near me,” but sometimes boredom kicks in just like at home. Being prepared with fun boredom busters makes the vacation much more enjoyable for everyone.

5)  Buy a rainy day game or toy

Buy a new game or toy and hide it away for emergency use. If the weather forces everyone inside the RV for an extended period of time, this surprise game or toy will save their day. Make sure it is something that everyone can play with together or have enough for every child to have their own.

6)  Bring old toys

Old toys that are great to keep in the RV. Keep an eye out for diggers, shovels, and matchbox cars to play with in the dirt. Save these toys only for camping so the children do not get bored of them before the trip even begins.

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