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What Camping Essentials Should I Pack in My RV?

Packing for an RV vacation can be a bit of a challenge. The small storage areas combined with the variety of items needed for a fun trip can feel like an impossible puzzle. Those new to RVing might wonder how everything will actually fit. It can take some experience to perfectly pack an RV, but it is not as hard as it seems. Take a break from searching online for “RV campsites near me” and start thinking about what essentials are needed on any camping trip.

Pre-Packing Preparations

Before packing anything, start with making some notes about the vacation plans. For how many days is the trip planned? Are there must-see stops along the way? Are there stops at attractions like water parks planned? These questions will help in deciding how much to pack and if any special equipment is required. If nothing is planned, take this time to search online for “RV campsites near me” and see what amenities potential campgrounds have to offer.

Cooking and Food Essentials

Once the trip length is determined, a detailed menu for the trip can be made. Make sure each menu is broken down into ingredients and pack only the amounts needed. Some food staples to consider are:RV campsites near me

●  Fresh fruits and vegetables
●  Butter
●  Cereal
●  Milk (fresh, evaporated or powdered)
●  Eggs (fresh, in a carton or powdered)
●  Condiments
●  Herbs and spices
●  Bread
●  Canned foods
●  Snack foods
●  Pancake and/or biscuit mix

If an online search for “RV campsites near me” comes up with campgrounds that are close to a grocery store or have a convenience store on site, some items can be purchased at the destination.

Clothing & Personal Items

Just like going on a trip to a hotel, personal clothes and toiletries should be packed. To make sure that everyone is as comfortable as possible for the duration of the trip, plan for a range of weather. Keep in mind the following for an “RV Campsite Near Me packing list:”

●  Hot weather clothes
●  Cool weather clothes
●  Rain gear
●  Extra socks and underwear
●  Sheets, blankets, pillows
●  Toiletries
●  Bathing suits

Be Prepared

It is always best to be prepared when camping. Some campgrounds on the “RV campsite near me” list provide these types of items in their convenience store, but it is always best to come prepared just in case they don’t.

●  First-aid kit including band aids, allergy medication and tweezers
●  Towels
●  Sunscreen
●  Bug spray
●  Reservation confirmation
●  Matches, lighter, lighter fluid
●  Axe/Hatchet

Fun Gear

Be prepared for fun leisure activities. Consider packing some of these:

●  Camera
●  Camping chairs
●  Sports equipment
●  Fishing gear
●  Books
●  Playing cards/games
●  Yard games
●  Pen/paper
●  Guitar

Best Destination

Every online search for “RV campsites near me” should end at North Texas Jellystone Park™. Located in a beautiful natural area just south of Fort Worth, TX and right next door to Pirate’s Cove Waterpark, this is the perfect destination for any family. North Texas Jellystone Park™ offers a wide range of amenities including a convenient Ranger Station in case you forgot any of the essentials. Contact North Texas Jellystone Park™ for more information.