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What to Look for in a Cabin For Rent

One of the best parts of any summer is the vacation. Everyone likes to take off from work, leave town for a little bit, and just enjoy a little getaway. Camping is great, but it’s a bit of a project when you have to drag out all of the camping equipment and do all the setup work, and most people don’t have a private lake house to drive out to. That makes renting a cabin the perfect blend of a simple but outdoorsy vacation from home. Hitting Google to look for a “cabin for rent near me?” To find one that suits you and your family best, here are some tips.

Check Out the Sleeping Arrangements

Family time is great, and you’ll treasure the memories and togetherness forever. However, nobody treasures memories of trying to sleep in cramped quarters with your brother snoring in your ear. When you are on the hunt for a cabin for rent, check out the sleeping quarters and bedroom situation. Cabins with lofts are great as they often have several beds, or the main floors may have pull-out beds that day-use as couches. Make sure you select one that’s going to let your family be comfortable for your stay!

Outdoor Amenities

Cabins for rent are great, but your real goal on vacation is likely daytime fun. Many of the best cabins you can rent will be near parks or other attractions. Do some clicking around on the rental website to see what’s offered in the facility or nearby. Playgrounds are great for younger kids, but look for other activities as well, such as nature walks, tours, swimming and other attractions. Many campgrounds will bring in petting zoos for the summer, or have outdoor games set up for you and the other guests, such as volleyball or badminton.Cabin for rent near me

Indoor Space

Ideally, you’ll only be spending time in your cabin for eating and sleeping, but the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Being stuck inside on a rainy day can put a damper on any vacation. But just because it’s miserable outside doesn’t mean you have to be miserable inside! When checking out cabins for rent nearby, keep an eye on their indoor spaces; like an outdoor covered deck where you can watch the rain and play some cards, or a decent-sized common area where you and the family can enjoy a board game or a movie and make family time fun and comfortable.

Location, Location, Location!

The whole idea of searching for a “cabin for rent near me” is that it’s actually near you. Cramming the whole family into the car and hitting the road can be fun, but after five or six hours stuck in the car, the appeal can wane. Check out which cabins are far enough to be a getaway from the city, but close enough to be an easy hop out of town for you and the family to get to quickly. People will sometimes tell you that the journey itself is the real destination. Most families who’ve just spent 10 hours in a car together will very much tell you differently. “Are we there yet?” is not a fun question to answer multiple times!

Renting a cabin near you is a simple and affordable summer vacation! With a little planning (many campgrounds will post a helpful checklist of things you should bring) and online research, you’re a few clicks away from creating some incredible treasured memories together.

North Texas Jellystone Park™ has the family cabins you need, along with all the amenities that make your stay fun, no matter the weather. Conveniently located and affordable, you’ll enjoy a great family vacation when you choose us.