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North Texas Jellystone Park™
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Why Family Vacations are More Exciting When Staying in Cabins Rather Than Hotel Rooms?

For your next vacation, don’t look for a hotel room. Think instead “cabin for rent near me.” There are so many benefits in choosing a cabin over a hotel. Here are just a few of those reasons.

Privacy and Space

You love your spouse, you love your kids, and you love your friends. However, a cramped hotel room will test even the strongest bonds. Cabins provide more space and separate bedrooms for privacy. At North Texas Jellystone Park™, our two-bedroom family cabins provide two enclosed sleeping quarters plus a kitchen and dining/living room area. There is also an upstairs loft, with 3.5 feet clearance for three more people to share. That is a total of three sleeping quarters with no compromise on privacy.

More for Less

A hotel in a trendy area can be pricey, and what do you get for that? Just…a room. When you go for a “cabin for rent near me,” you get the trendiest location of all – nature. Cabins are usually situated outside of the metropolitan areas so you can get a break from all that hustle and bustle. Cabins are finished in natural woods and contain earthy elements so you can truly relax and rejuvenate. At North Texas Jellystone Park™, our cabins are steps away from catch and release fishing, nature trails with an interactive app (to learn more about the beauty you’ll see on your walk), activities and sports. Want that nightlife? No problem. You are only a short drive away from the urban centre, museums and sport venues. You don’t need a pricey hotel in a high rise downtown to be close to the “action.”

Included Amenities

A hotel gives you a bed and you pay extra for a kitchenette – which is often tiny. On the other hand, the right cabin gives you so much more value. Each of our cabins comes with an amenity list. Some things that can be included (depending on which cabin you choose): personal hygiene items, kitchen , microwave, linen service, charcoal grill, porch, picnic table. That is a great value, especially if you are looking to prepare your own meals to save money, or to eat healthier.


One bed, two beds, or a suite? Those are your options in a hotel room. Cabins can come in a variety of styles, and some are a lot of fun! How about staying on a pirate ship? Enjoying a romantic luxury cottage or glamping it up homestead style? Add some fun to your vacation by staying in a unique cabin with numerous accommodations.

“Cabins for Rent Near Me” are at North Texas Jellystone Park™

Hotels are fine but cabins can be fun, roomy, affordable and add another layer of excitement and interest to your vacation. We have the “cabins for rent near me” you’ve been looking for; the variety and different styles means there is something or everyone. Before you book that plain old hotel room, think twice. Consider a cabin instead.