DFW Fun Family Activities

Continuous Improvement to the Guest Experience

North Texas Jellystone ParkTM is the hub for DFW family fun activities. We’re constantly making improvements and adding more fun stuff to the mix to improve our guest’s experience. It’s almost like the Texas weather, “Hang around for a while and new fun things will be added.” If it has been some time since you have stayed with us, chances are you will be amazed by the changes next time you come.

The Latest News On “New” Attractions

The 2018 season at Pirates’ Cove Water Park will be great with the addition of two new family tube slides.

Our “New” Climbing Adventure Area came online in Fall 2017.  The Climbing Adventure Area has low-element climbing structures on which kids of all ages can test their abilities. We will continue to add elements to this fun play area.

Infection Outbreak Challenge

The latest enhancement to our Zombie Zone is coming. Are you ready?

Where the last remnants of humanity are holding out against the zombie menace, how long can you stay alive before the infection claims you? The Infection Outbreak Challenge is a unique outdoor game where players have one simple objective: survive!

Brave human subjects must last 3 minutes as the “infected” come after them to infect them. Newly infected zombies hunt the remaining humans to infect them! This fast-paced variation of laser tag is like nothing you have ever experienced!

Do you have what it takes to survive? Or, will you become one of the Infected?